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{About the Designer}

Jennifer Huson-Maywald has been in the design industry for over 15 years.  Her passion for interior design along with an authentic desire to help people to live in beautiful surroundings has always been a major inspiration in her life...


"I love working with a client to achieve results that speak to their style and personality...I truly believe that your home should be a place of peace and comfort, where your senses are delighted."


With a sophisticated eye for color and a clear sense of scale and balance, Jennifer works with each client based on individual needs.  With so many choices  on the market, it helps to work with someone who has seen many products first hand, and can guide you in your decision making process so it's enjoyable, rather than overwhelming.


Whether it is a window treatment for one room or an entire renovation, J. Clayton Interiors will be there every step of the way to complete your project. 


Jennifer Huson-Maywald

J. Clayton Interiors Inc.

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